NVDC Architects

A multi-award-winning architecture and design practice based in Glasgow.

The Client

Founded in 1992 by Farahbod Nakhaei, NVDC is a multi-award-winning architecture and design practice based in Glasgow. Specialising in client-focused, design-led projects, NVDC's portfolio includes private healthcare facilities, bespoke homes, and commercial developments across Scotland and the UK.

The Challenge

NVDC faced the challenge of merging two separate websites into one cohesive platform while, not just maintaining, but improving their search engine rankings. As SEO experts, our goal was to ensure that the website reflected the updated branding and positioning, while also implementing strategies to optimise its visibility in search engine results.

The Solution

We provided NVDC with a solution that included the development of a bespoke, beautifully designed website that excelled in SEO performance. Through keyword research, technical optimisation, and guidance on SEO best practices, we ensured that the website achieved improved search engine rankings, attracting more organic traffic and potential clients to NVDC's services.

Farahbod Nakhaie

Farahbod Nakhaei

Founding Director

What NVDC Says

We worked with Derek & Chloe over the past 2 years. From start to finish our interaction with them was professional, stress-free and we had complete trust in their ability to deliver. They took the time to listen to what we wanted but also brought their own ideas, experience, and creativity so that the end design was more rounded.
They understood that we needed to see things in a visual context and have some flexibility to 'play' around with a few ideas. Their communication was constant and quick, they explained in terms we could easily understand, and they made the whole process so easy. it was a pleasure to work with them both.
NVDC New Website

Website Redesign

NVDC's website was redesigned to enhance user experience and better showcase their portfolio. The revamped website merges their previously separate sites for NVDC Dental and NVDC Architects into one cohesive platform. This integration streamlines navigation and presents a unified brand identity.

Additionally, the new design features a modern, clean aesthetic that reflects NVDC's commitment to innovative and client-focused architecture. Enhanced with improved functionality and optimised for search engines, the updated website ensures faster load times, better accessibility, and higher visibility in search results.

This strategic overhaul not only improves user engagement but also effectively communicates NVDC's expertise and dedication to excellence in design.

Search Engine Optimisation

We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve NVDC's online visibility and relevance. Their website was previously ranked for irrelevant or low search volume keywords, which limited their visibility and impact. Through targeted local SEO optimisation, NVDC now ranks highly for relevant keywords such as "commercial architect Glasgow" and "health practice architect Glasgow".

This strategic shift not only boosts their search engine rankings but also ensures that potential clients seeking their specific services can easily find them. The improved keyword strategy has significantly enhanced NVDC's online visibility, generating more targeted and qualified traffic to their website and effectively showcasing their architectural expertise.

NVDC SEO Results

The Results

Our efforts produced remarkable outcomes for NVDC, driving significance across multiple key metrics. The heightened surge in quality traffic and visibility contributed to a massive increase in qualified leads, allowing NVDC to engage with and convert more potential clients.


Qualified Traffic


Local Visibility


Qualified Leads

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